VC-Backed AI Startup Aftercode Reveals Rambl


Aftercode, the stealthy AI startup formed late last year by one of Code42‘s initial founders Mitch Coopet has come out with their first product called Rambl.

“Voice conversations are a big space to apply artificial intelligence techniques to in general,” Coopet begins with. “…and mobile phone calls are relatively dumb, they don’t have much technology wrapped around them yet.”

The gist of ramble is to use the new iOS app to route phone calls through which then records, archives and summarizes using AI/ML for  indexing, notes, and follow-ups.

“We’re interested in adding value to the next conversation,” Coopet explains.

“For example, usually there’s more than one call as part of a sales process, and many times there’s a series of calls that don’t always give us the ability to pay close attention to while automatically setting up for success on the next one. That’s what Rambl does, it adds summarized notes, follow-ups, and syncs with Google Calendar and integrates 3rd party products from Salesforce, Google, Office, and Slack, among others.”

Coopet says that the Rambl engine is 100% automated, whereas there is no human involvement, touting both privacy elements and technology capabilities.

Rambl is currently in product-market fit phase — mobile first / iOS only — and expanding their invite-only beta now targeting the B2B mobile workforce with the vision of a friction-free future.

Rambl’s parent company Aftercode was introduced late last year led by Coopet, with founding involvement from Brian Bispala, also of Code42 fame.  Machine learning expert Josh Cutler joined the team in February, which is now a total of five based out of Industrious in Downtown Minneapolis.  The venture closed a $2.1m seed round of funding in May with participants including Ohio’s Drive Capital, Dundee Venture Capital, and Chicago-based Hyde Park Ventures.

“Our strategy is to start with mobile and the big picture is to unlock value in spoken conversation everywhere. This ‘land expand’ approach is one that I’m personally familiar with based on my previous experience. It’s early and we’re still exploring…we might find another direction and have a long road ahead as we move forward aggressively.”


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