[VIDEO] FARCON 2017 | Kaleidoscope



Filmed at MinneAnalytics’ FARCON event last week is Greg Dehn of the Kaleidoscope Group, which is on a mission to change the world by designing, building and administering scholarship programs using a software platform. They recently raised $650k and are part of gener8tor’s Minneapolis summer startup cohort.



  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Jeffs notes:

    +Founder has years of previous experience working for Scholarship America (now a competitor)

    +design, administer, host branded scholarship programs on SaaS; connection large corporate scholarship offers with high school and college students ~72 million potential students.

    +handles funds, disbursement and tracking.

    +B2B go to market

    +$277b / year go to scholarships between gov/public + private sector; 72b from private: motive is to help, develop relationships, and train their future workforce.

    +$7b in fees are spent annually by funders

    +has database of 40,000 public/private high schools in the US

    +Curates scholarship programs for students based on customized profile, can apply for one or many easily.

    +Has 30,000 students going onto the platform in the next 90 days in partnership with Sparkling Ice brand

    +Live with 2 clients and plans of launching 10 new clients in the next 3 months

    +targeting 300,000 students on the platform in the next 6 months