Praxik Delivers AR to Your Phone and Your Home With Room Remix

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By Nancy A. Shenker

You fall in love with a sofa you saw on Pinterest and the price is right on Wayfair. But how do you know it’ll look good in your living room? More important, will it fit?

Praxik, a 10-person augmented reality company now based in Uptown Minneapolis developed and recently launched Room Remix, a free iPhone app that “lets you see a physical product you care about in the environment in which it’s actually going to show up.”

Co-founder and SVP of Software Development Aaron Bryden says his company is committed to “documenting the world and letting consumers see things in it.” Room Remix users simply take a photo of a room and decorate it with the items they like.

The AR market is expected to grow to $83 billion by 2021 and is the primary driver of the $108 billion AR/VR industry. Room Remix generates revenue from three sources: affiliate programs, development fees from furniture companies that hire Praxik to build 3D models of their inventory, and white label AR development for retailers who want their own proprietary applications.

“Although most of the furniture on Room Remix is from Wayfair and Amazon, we believe other retailers will open up their 3D ecosystems pretty quickly,” says Bryden. The U.S. furniture market is a $107 billion industry.


As Room Remix approaches 10k iOS downloads, “It’s almost time for our party,” quips Bryden, who says that their marketing effort has been based primarily on social media. Their blog offers timely and quirky decorating tips and content, like “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Shopping Dorm and Apartment Furniture” and “11 Dreamy Small Backyard Landscapes.”

The company moved from Iowa to Minneapolis in 2014 because of Bryden and cofounder Dr. Luke Shors‘ search for an “amazing pool of tech talent.”

This fall, Apple’s new ARKit developer framework for IOS 11 will bring exciting new changes to Room Remix. This development will enable the app to detect floors and estimate distances to accurately scale 3D models of furniture and will also enable the app to track walls and ceilings. “It will enable a compelling live experience for consumers.” Users can share and discuss their space with collaborators, including friends, family, and remote interior designers.

Praxik also offers B-to-B solutions, applying their AR platforms to visualizing power equipment and retail displays. Bryden says he “would like to see Praxik become the primary way for people to be able to see – and have a social experience — around the things they need to buy for their homes or businesses.” With Room Remix they seem to have opened the first door.

Nancy A. Shenker is founder/CEO of theONswitch marketing, focused on high-growth companies, content strategy and new technologies. She is publisher/author of Embrace the Machine, an AI, machine learning, and robotics community and guide, as well as and She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and NYU’s Graduate publishing program.

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