3 [BIG] Minnesota Tech Events That Delivered In August

WordCamp Minneapolis-St. Paul returned at the University of Minnesota for all things WordPress content management system.

A combined 450+ registered for the three day experience; with one day of training and two of content, there with four concurrent tracks: development, design, business, and content.

Each day featured both a keynote and a panel session on top of lightening talks.

Lead organizer Michelle Schulp calls out their panel on mental health and the breadth of speakers from year as standout elements of WordCamp MSP 2017, which marked it’s fifth year running.

For the year 2018 she’ll be passing that leadership baton to Tessa Kriesel.

MinneAnalytics FARCON held at the University of Minnesota drew the largest crowd of the month, by far.

~1,500 registered for the third annual big data conference focused on the financial and retail industry. Of those, at least 800 came through the door, which is to be expected attrition rate for such a free event.

Conference Chair Dave Mathias says their new one day training session sold out within hours when 275 seats reached capacity for the education day.

Special guest Kyle Polloch, aka Data Skeptic did a live podcast with Joe Konstan, a professor of computer science at the University of Minnesota.

“The topics are maturing…everyone nowadays is trying to figure out now how to get a greater return on their investment in big data technologies,”  Mathias says.

Up next for MinneAnalytics is Halicon – their annual healthcare focused conference in October.

Midwest JS just wrapped up their fourth consecutive conference held at the University of St. Thomas in downtown Minneapolis.

Rookie organizer Cory Tranby, who took charge after Bobby Warner laid foundation for the first three, says that “Minnesota’s Javascript community is very active — both in the startup land and also with some of the larger corporations.”

“Clearly it’s a midwest thing but we did have attendees from both coasts and Canada,” he says.   250+ people attended Midwest JS this year, maxing out their physical capacity at St. Thomas.

“Using Javascript to control real world thing in the IoT was definitely the most popular session this year,” Tranby concludes.

And yes, Midwest JS is happening again next year though the exact dates and location are TBD.