MN Bot Makers Recap: Chatbots in Ecommerce w/ Data Skeptic


The MN Bot Makers Meetup gathered around the table to eat, drink, and chat bots last month. Sponsored by MinneAnalytics, the group was thrilled to host Kyle Polich of Data Skeptic and get a sneak preview of one of his FARCON session: “The Opportunity for Chatbots in eCommerce.”

Data Skeptic is a podcast, blog, and consulting firm that digs into machine learning, big data, AI, and data science with a scientifically skeptical perspective. Presenting a truncated version of his FARCON session, Polich offered his views on what are the biggest benefits of using chatbots in the online retail sector. He added his voice to the growing chorus of experts who view chat as “the new website.”

“The user experience of the (ecommerce) future is going to focus on chat, not navigating menus and pages.”


Polich then answered audience questions and opened up a dialogue about the challenges facing developers trying to take advantage of the nascent medium.

Given how much e-commerce activity there is happening Minnesota these days, his forward looking yet skeptical insights  peaked the curiosities of guests who are naturally asking: what’s next?


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