Player’s Health Moves From CoCo NE To North Loop & Jumps Into InsureTech

Minnesota SportsTech startup Player’s Health has moved from CoCo’s Northeast venue into a North Loop office space.

Founder and CEO Tyrre Burks says that they needed more breathing room and scored 1,600 square feet of space at 701 N. 3rd St. inside the Sherwin Williams building just off Washington Ave.

He counts 13 people overall now on the team — six are in Minnesota with a development shop in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, where all development will be hired going forward due to arbitrage.  Newly recruited CTO Michael Minor from Chicago will be leading the technology of Player’s Health going forward.


The venture is gaining ground after a recent product foray into the insurance business. They will be publicly launching a new insurance product and brand called ‘Insuregame’, targeted at the same organizations using their flagship athlete health record SaaS.

Burks says they uncovered the opportunity based on the large amounts of data collected on the athletes using their platform and believe more revenue is at stake than their original software can provide.

He’s in final talks with at least one large insurance carrier to begin pricing and underwriting commercial policies of liability and accident coverage for sports organizations with between 10 athletes and 5,000 athletes.

“It’s a big, big thing for us….we’re not changing the SaaS product or model that got us here, just following the money,” he says while boarding a plane for San Francisco to finalize a deal that would propel Insuregain forward in more ways than one.


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