Tech Giant IBM Is Suing Minnesota For Denying $33m In Tax Credits



Brian Bakst, MPR

“IBM is seeking more than $33 million from the state of Minnesota over research tax credits the company says it was due.  In a lawsuit filed Wednesday against the Minnesota Department of Revenue, the New York-based technology giant contends that it qualified for more research tax credits than it was granted for a span of a few years.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    $33m in corporate welfare potentially paid by Minnesota taxpayers to IBM, an out of state headquartered company that generates ~$75 BILLION in revenue per year?

    Meanwhile, Minnesota’s education, homelessness, infrastructure – among other core components continue to suffer. The widening gap between rich and poor will not close until the corporate welfare stops, one way or the other. It’s unsustainable and exactly how the rich get richer and the poor/working class pay the price, including startup entrepreneurs who are already at major disadvantage to incumbents like IBM.

    Absolutely disgusting to think this level of corporate welfare even considered possible in the first place, regardless of what the outcome of this lawsuit is.