Minnesota Ecommerce Captains: Jimmy Vosika, ShopJimmy



Thanks to Irish Titan for underwriting our Minnesota Ecommerce Captains series focused on local leadership in the e-commerce industry.

Jimmy Vosika started his TV parts resale business 10+ years ago in the basement by taking apart the discarded broken electronics and reselling all the individual parts on ebay.

ShopJimmy has since scaled to tens of millions in online revenue with operations based in Burnsville, Minnesota.

He’ll be speaking to his experiences next Wednesday at Apruve HQ for the Twin Cities Ecommerce Meetup.

What do you sell online?

Replacement TV parts

When, why and how did you get started?

Whoa, this would be a lot to type out, I’ll save the longer version for meetup.

In 2006, while working for a recycler, I started researching if broken plasma TVs had any value. I bought one TV and resold it on ebay, making some nice extra cash. I continued buying and reselling the broken units, then eventually formed a company where we began harvesting circuit boards from the TVs to sell on ebay, and the dot com I was building.

Is it Primarily B2B, B2C, or both?

The company started out with a B2B focus, but today it’s about a 50/50 split between B2B & B2C.


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How many unique products/SKUs do you sell?

We have about 70,000 unique SKUs, but currently only 32,000 in stock.

What do you attribute success so far to?

Continuously taking risks, and having a great team

What’s the greatest challenge faced today?

Preventing fraudulent orders

Where do you see your business one year from now?

TV technology will continue to change and we’ll have to keep adapting. We see growth ahead as we expand our global reach in both sales and product procurement.

What is your advice for the e-commerce entrepreneur out there?

As you grow and add more staff, keep internal communication at the forefront. Share the good, but more importantly share the bad. I figured this out far too late in my career.


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