I’m Mitch Coopet, CEO of Aftercode, and This Is How I Work


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iOS app Rambl, was developed by Aftercode, a startup whose product uses artificial intelligence to translate phone calls into notes and follow-up items.

At the helm as CEO is Mitch Coopet, who co-founded the company and continues to run it. We spoke with Mitch to learn about his work habits and the the way he operates Aftercode on a typical day — inside and outside the office.”

What one word best describes how you work?


What is your current device/hardware/office setup?

Iphone, Macbook Pro, standing desk

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Slack and, soon, Rambl (shameless plug)

What your sleep schedule like in terms of hours/wake-up and what’s the morning routine?

7:00 am – think about running, run (33% probability), head to office, feel guilty about not running (66% probability)

Is there a method to how you schedule your days?

If possible, I schedule all meetings before lunch and keep the afternoons open for getting stuff done.

How much time do you spend in vs. out of the office?

I spend about 25% of my time out of office.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

Letting others do the work.

What is that one thing you have to do, no matter what, every day?


What is your preferred form of communication and why?

In-person because we’re human, not robots

On average, how many hours a day do you spend in meetings?

There are peaks and valleys, but in general, about an hour. With that said, we’re in startup mode, so one could think of our entire day as a working meeting.

When, where and what do you typically eat for lunch?

I eat lunch at 11:30am. Most of the time it’s subway (20% probability) or somewhere super unhealthy (80% probability)

Honestly: how many hrs/week and do you work in the evenings and/or weekends?

I usually work 60hrs/week, which includes evenings and weekends. Generally, the model is to complete the work, then plan more work. Time is irrelevant if you know how to plan and meet goals.

What is the best advice you ever received, accepted, and applied?

In 50 years, no one is going to care.

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