gener8tor Announces Their Secret Startup & Preps For Premiere Night


gener8tor’s inaugural Minnesota accelerator cohort is officially rounded out this week with the announcement of the fifth and final startup participating in the summer session.

All five are currently en route back to Minnesota following weeks of touring the country meeting with some 75+ investors leading up to Premiere Night on October 10th during Twin Cities Startup Week.

Minnesota MD Eric Martell says that four of five startups are already generating revenue and demonstrating traction in their respective markets. Here’s a rundown of all five that will be taking the stage around 8/8:30 at Minneapolis Event Centers.


Formed: 2016

Headquartered: Vancouver, Canada

Founder: Mike Allan

Categories: Retail / Logistics / Supply Chain

Purpose:  To reduce the complexity and cost of shipping and logistics costs associated with last mile delivery

Market: B2B

Revenue: Post

Value Proposition:  Routeique helps manage every aspect of an independent distributor business via its cloud-based logistics and delivery management platform. The application handles everything from CRM to order management and invoicing, vendor and product management, route optimization, fleet and driver management, reporting and a host of other functions.

Other: Bootstrapped outside of $90k seed capital from gener8tor

Martell: They are already on a $1m run rate based on a customer relationship with Nestle in Canada and when they close their next customer that will triple to $3m in 2018.


Kaleidoscope Group

Formed: 2016

Headquartered: Minnesota

Founder: Greg Dehn

Categories: Fintech & Edutech

Purpose:  SaaS platform to connect scholarship administrators with students.

Market: B2B

Revenue: Post

Value Proposition: Save money on fees, better program management, increased student engagement aligned with corporate brands — all which leads to more scholarship matches and theoretically more students achieving higher education in the United States.

Other: Kailedescope has previously close on $650k and partnered with GoKart Labs; for a peek at what Kailedescope has going on right now, check out Dehn’s recent presentation during FARCON.

Martell: The company signed first client in march, has grown customer base with more in the pipeline.


Formed: 2015

Headquartered: Minnesota

Founder: Sam “Swannie” Swanson; Matt Stang; Adam Iverson

Category: E-commerce & SportsTech

Purpose: To sell golf apparel online.

Market: B2C

Revenue: Post

Value Proposition: Helping the golf industry, specifically brands and courses, engage with and sell products to millennials.

Other: The company started with a golf-spiked sandal, since expanding across all golf apparel, and says they are on pace to hit $500k in sales this year. Further company information can be seen here.

Martell: They are in 150 courses (pro-shops) selling products off the shelf currently and projecting 150 more by end of this year supported by new salespeople hires. They have tripled revenue year over year since formation & 20% revenue growth month over month since June.  Additionally, they are entering the PPC market this week to bolster ecommerce side of business.


Formed: 2016

Headquartered: San Francisco, CA

Founder: Suz Somersall

Category: Edutech & Ecommerce

Purpose: To transforms consumers into creators with a 3D modeling mobile experience.

Market: B2B & B2C

Revenue: Post

Value Proposition: Sell things to makers while connecting corporations with new & emerging markets.

Other: Founder is on a mission to connect young women with STEM principles by teaching and training in 3D design, modeling, and printing.

Martell: KiraKira recently raised $175k from NYU  with a cross marketing arrangement and has formed a content partnership with Autodesk. They are also in the midst of a technology relaunch in Q4.



Formed: 2016

Headquartered: Minnesota

Founder: Omid Souresrafil

Category: HealthTech & IoT

Purpose: The treatment of chronic spine pain.

Market: B2B

Revenue: Pre

Value Proposition: 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at some point in their lives resulting in greater than $500 billion in pain management treatment, with an additional $250 billion in associated healthcare costs. Spine implants would provide both consistent monitoring and pain relief solutions via radiofrequency technology, lowering readmission and overall cost of care for patients. 

Other: Founder has previous and profitable success.

Martell: I can’t say too specifically but their fundraising process is going well and also in the final stages of a DoD grant process.  Will be pitching at the Mayo Clinic’s venture conference. This is a long/IP play.


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    Great class and love their boldness in bringing an active implantable device into the mix!