Welfare Watch: September 2017



Screen-Shot-2017-02-04-at-9.19.04-AM-300x239Welfare Watch is a regular column for the individuals, nonprofit and private companies in Minnesota’s tech industry that receive government (read: taxpayer) financial support—whether directly or indirectly.

This corporate welfare includes: tax incentives/abatement, grants/loans, reimbursements, subsidy, sponsorship, special favors, etc.

Digi-Key To Add 1,000 Jobs Over Decade As Part Of Welfare Package

Tech Giant IBM Is Suing Minnesota For Denying $33m In Tax Credits

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A w/ Five Star Economic Czar M Langlaard III In A Bid To Build Amazon HQ2 On The Mississippi River

EXCLUSIVE: Minneapolis + St. Paul Unite With A Joint Bid For Amazon HQ2 In Minnesota


The 2017 Minnesota Tech Welfare Watch Halftime Report



  • Grady

    This could just as easily be called government partnership report.

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