[Updated] StoryXpress + SpotCrowd Will Relocate To Minneapolis Post Techstars/Target Accelerator


Target - Techstars AcceleratorThe developing story coming out of Target + Techstars Retail Accelerator demo night is StoryXpress & SpotCrowd stated intentions of relocating HQ to Minneapolis following their graduation today.

Both ventures indicate that their move is contingent upon capitalization, considering all companies are now out in the market for investment.

Cofounder and CEO Ankit Mishra.
StoryXpress, of India, is a cloud based automated video creation platform for businesses to create content quickly and easily; the claim two local customers: Edmentum and Target.

SpotCrowd Cofounder and CEO Roderick Lindner
Spotcrowd is from Belgium and counts 7 employees, 5 full time. Their technology stops shoplifting by using the crowd & existing IP-cameras. Both companies are nascent, say that their move is contingent upon successful funding, and are posting up inside Target’s downtown space in the interim.

Last year, the Target + accelerator was directly responsible for the move of two ventures: Branch Messenger & Inspectorio.    Stay tuned for footage from all ten demos…