[VIDEO] Target + Techstars Retail Accelerator Demo Day 2017


Target - Techstars AcceleratorIt was rock and roll last night when 10 Target + Techstars Retail Accelerator startups took the stage at First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

After three months of all-in immersion, these founders delivered their best short-form pitch to an audience hundreds deep.

In addition to the fact that just about every company is now piloting or partnering with Target, the big news of the night went to SpotCrowd and StoryXpress — two international startups that announced their intentions of planting a permanent flag in Minnesota long term.

Appearing alphabetically:

Air Tailor – (post revenue, B2B) New York City, NY – provides expert alteration and repair services for consumers and retailers.

BYBE – (post revenue, B2B) Columbus, OH – simplifies digital alcohol promotions for retailers by embedding digital alcohol rebates inside retail applications and websites.

Kokko – (post revenue, B2B) San Francisco, CA – is a personalized cosmetic and beauty shopping experience based on color science.

Local Crate – (post revenue, B2C) Minneapolis, MN – is the first nationally, local food company by making it easy to cook meals inspired by popular local chefs with seasonal, local ingredients in the comfort of your home.

Find Me A Shoe (pre revenue, B2B) – India – offers virtual fitting service for online and offline footwear retailers.

Savitude (pre revenue, B2B) – San Francisco, CA – technology provides recommendations on clothes based on a shopper’s body shape.

Shopturn (pre revenue, B2B) – New York City, NY – is an on-demand return service for brick & mortar retailers, enabling consumers to return purchases directly from home.

Spotcrowd (pre revenue, B2B) – Belgium – stops shoplifting by using the crowd & existing IP-cameras.

StoryXpress – (post revenue, B2B) India – is a cloud based automated video creation platform for businesses tocreate content quickly and easily.

Upsie – (post revenue, Both) Minneapolis – is a mobile app that’s disrupting the traditional warranty industry by reinventing and demystifying the warranty experience for customers.