[VIDEO] Minnedemo 27 Presenters



Minnedemo 27 went off in Minneapolis last night when these seven companies showed their stuff:

Titan Data Group – A next generation, internet-scale contextual conversations service, seamlessly combining digital experiences with human engagement to help enterprises transact business with an unprecedented agility.

26 Letters – Taking action-driven initiatives to facilitate engaging and inclusive cultural environments.

DigiLex Bolex Movie Camera – A Digital Movie Camera from 1959.

Relate – a machine coach that helps people optimize their most important relationships.

MANGO – Dread networking? MANGO Connects web app shows you, step-by-step, how to turn new contacts into real relationships.

HeartSavers – Death is the first symptom of heart disease in 2/3’s of women. HeartSavers provides the earliest detection of cardiovascular disease.

NerdKind – We bring Nerds and Nonprofits together to create amazing things.