SportsTech Venue The Pitch To Cease Coworking Operations


Northeast Minneapolis venue The Pitch will cease coworking operations at the end of this year, according to Carson Kipfer of SportsEngine – a key corporate player involved.

Financed by venture capitalist’s Jeff Hinck and Charles Beeler, The Pitch emerged in summer of 2016 as a strategic coworking outfit adjacent to SportsEngine’s headquarters at the Highlight Center on Broadway Ave.  With up to 10k ft of available thematic space, The Pitch was squarely targeting entrepreneurs and startups operating in Minnesota’s flourishing sportstech cluster of companies.

“As many of our initial startups have moved on to larger spaces and SportsEngine’s space needs have increased we’ve made the decision at The Pitch to move away from offering coworking space heading into 2018,” explains SportsEngine Co-Founder & Principal Designer Carson Kipfer. “The Pitch will continue to live on with a renewed commitment to hosting sports tech based events, mentor network access and member company promotion.”

The local coworking scene as been in flux over the 12 months with a number of ups-and-downs, perhaps related to the introduction of national behemoths like WeWork and Industrious — which is said to be opening location number two this year at T3.  Then there’s St. Paul’s Osborn370 project which is just getting off the ground, and the story goes on from there. Watch for the forthcoming Ultimate Guide To Coworking In Minnesota 2018 for the latest comprehensive landscape snapshot.


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