Seven Minnesota Tech Projects Live On Kickstarter Right Now


One minute you’re browsing the web in search of new homegrown tech and the next thing you find yourself in a Kickstarter rabbit hole.  From widgets to wearables, it turns out there’s at least seven Minnesota tech projects live on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform right now. Here they are:

The Adventures of Super Stretch – Video based yoga platform to teach kids resiliency and how to self-regulate body, brain & heart, while having fun along the way!

Little Prompter – Teachers and business pros can smoothly and confidently deliver content directly into camera, making videos simple and sensational.

Waterproof Breakaway Switch – This waterproof trailer breakaway switch has been developed to withstand the harsh external environment of a trailer with brakes.

Pulse – the personal budgeting tool you’ve always wanted. Minimal effort for financial newcomers and experts.

NeuroBytes – Modular neuron simulators designed for ages 12+. Build and experiment with your own electronic brain using NeuroBytes!

Tower Defense – A new tower defense game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

VibeAlarm – Why wake up your roommate or partner with your loud alarm? Why should the deaf community have to pay big money for an alarm they need?