Local Software Engineer Publishes Children’s Tech Book Called Goodnight Server Room

Minnesota software engineer, security researcher, and recent /TALK: Blockchain guest Tyler “TD” Smith has checked another box off his bucket list: becoming a published children’s author.

Goodnight Server Room received $4,500 backing off Kickstarter earlier this year, pre-selling around 250 copies before the pen even hit the paper.   That early interest was enough to tell Smith and Duluth illustrator Emily Krueger it was something worth pursuing.

“The world needs approachable, kid friendly books about computers,” says the father of two while explaining his motivation to produce the educational story geared towards those ages 1-5.

“…my kids have piles and piles of books about trucks, animals, and trains – lots of fun and interesting topics and stories about hard working people, but nothing about what their dad does all day.”

In addition to accepting direct orders via his website the $10 hardcover book is also available now at The Red Balloon bookstore in St. Paul.

“And just like tech…there’s bugs hidden on every page,” says the pragmatic author.


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