Ask An Indie: Kirk Hughes, GREEN’S DREAM


Welcome to Ask An Indie where we interview local independent game developers to learn how they make, do and create.

The Indie: Kirk Hughes, Freelance Indie Game Designer, GREEN’S DREAM.

What inspired you to start making games?

Growing up in a tiny Oklahoma town as a queer artsy kid was tough. I felt alienated from my peers and my family. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. I felt like an alien. So I escaped into the alien lands of video games where I felt the freedom to empower myself to save worlds in peril. The games I kept my mind on as a kid taught my imagination to know no bounds, and I owe so much of my artistic success to the confidence those games built in me. I’m inspired to make games so that I can in turn inspire others in similar ways… And the interactive nature of games succeeds where other art forms fail.

At what age did you create your first game?

When I was 8, my family couldn’t afford to buy a Game Boy for me… So I made the shell of a Game Boy out of a tissue box, cut out the screen area, and fed receipt paper through the contraption. I drew hundreds of “side-scrolling” levels with obstacles, power-ups, and even checkpoints and goals.

I had stacks and stacks of receipt paper rolls that comprised my “Game Boy” game library. I moved on to create these bizarre interactive visual novels in PowerPoint, but my habit of first iterating on paper before implementing changes digitally began with my tissue box Game Boy.