Minnesota Made NeuroBytes Crowdfunds ~$34k Via Kickstarter

140 backers have pledged a combined $33,924 for NeuroBytes successful Kickstarter campaign that closed up last week.

NeuroBytes electronic neuron simulator kits are a new type of education system for people to to learn and experiment with hardware. Ideal for the classroom, library, makerspace or neighborhood gathering grounds, the open source hardware kits are a combination of neuroscience and engineering:

“Neurons work using a combination of electrical and chemical signaling. The color-coded LED on each NeuroBytes module illustrates how the electrical signaling works, and the cables that connect them together into circuits model the excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitter chemicals that neurons use to signal each other. Like biological neurons, NeuroBytes are modular, so all of our kits are compatible with one another. Any circuits or kits can be added to in the future with additional NeuroBytes to create something completely new!”

Neurobytes is the latest in a series of home grown educational technology product funded on Kickstarter; for the youngest of budding inventors, there’s the new book Goodnight Server Room, and Squishy Circuits is aimed at kids 3+, while the Turing Tumble racked up over $400k in backing for mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles.


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