Edutech Startup URTURN Is Raising $750k To Help Students Graduate



Eductech startup UR TURN is raising $750k in debt financing with $50k received, per SEC disclosure.

Formed in 2016 by Dr. Angie Eilers based on 25+ years of research, UR TURN provides technology tools that turn the grade book into an automated advisor for students, families and educators navigating middle and high school years:

“Every year 4 millions students enter the 9th grade. By the time these same students reach the end of 12th grade only 3 million will graduate…of the remaining students, only half will go on to any form of post-secondary education beyond high school.” – UR TURN website.

The product works by aligning student goals and outcomes with actual progress (or lack thereof).  UR TURN’s custom dashboard alerts stakeholders in near real time if and when a student veers off course along their education journey with recommended course corrections.

Eilers says that UR TURN currently has 3 pilot school districts signed on as users–representing a variety of student and family backgrounds– for the 2017-2018 school year.


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