Q&A With Revel CEO Jeff Fritz On The $17m Round



2017 has been a banner year for Minneapolis healthtech firm Revel — formerly known as Healthtel. 

In January, directors hired tech veteran Jeff Fritz to take the company to the next level. Fritz would go on to change the name, evolve the product, win some customers, double the staff, and raise $17m all in less than a year.  So we reached out to learn more about the latest milestone, what’s working and what’s next.

Why raise external capital in the first place?

The market opportunity is huge, but it’s also very competitive. To continue to lead we will grow our sales and marketing organization; we will accelerate our Revel Connect technology modernization roadmap; and, invest in health system interoperability. This investment helps us advance the innovation and technology development for Revel Connect. It’s going to keep us ahead of the game in terms of a very competitive space within healthcare, and within healthcare IT.