SPS Commerce Expands Footprint In Downtown Minneapolis With Rebranded “SPS Tower”


The supply chain software specialists at SPS Commerce have renewed a lease in downtown Minneapolis HQ that will expand its presence to 1/3 of the skyscraper at 333 South Seventh Street. 

In a paywalled report from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, SPS Commerce already occupies about 168,000 square feet in the tower on floors 4-10, while the new lease will expand that footprint to 216,000 square feet over the next two years through the acquisition of floors 3 and 16.

As part of the expansion, the 33 story tall building soon be known as SPS Tower according to the article, a nice perk for the established public company, which is one of the few in Minnesota growing at a steady clip — with revenue up every fiscal year for the past 17 years.

SPS Commerce has approximately 1,000 employees who work out of their downtown digs.


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