I’m Chad Capp, The President of GymPhone, And This Is How I Work



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GymPhone was formed in 2013 as an outsourced call center solution for the thousands of fitness centers across the country.  Today, the company counts 22 full time employees based in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

At the helm as President Chad Capp is who cofounded the company with Todd Huna and continues to run it out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We spoke with Capp to learn about his work habits and the the way he operates GymPhone on a typical day — inside and outside the office.

What one word best describes how you work?

ALL-IN (does that count as one or two words?)

What is your current device/hardware/office setup?

A sit / stand work desk with two external displays connected to my Mac Pro.  iPhone X of course, and an Apple Watch.


What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

Office365 suite + When I Work for scheduling, Slack for life.

What your sleep schedule like in terms of hours/wake-up and what’s the morning routine?

I go to bed around midnight or 1am and am up when my wife/alarm clock sounds around 6am to get the kids going and out the door, and myself into the office by 7am.

Is there a method to how you schedule your days?

This is one of my goals for this year – to bring a method to the madness.

How much time do you spend in vs. out of the office?

60% of the time in the office, 15-20% from home, and the rest on the road or in coffee shops.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut/life hack?

I started using Apple’s mail app recently which is consistent with my iPhone has really been nice.

What is that one thing you have to do, no matter what, every day?

Be hyper aware of how we are serving our customers.

What is your preferred form of communication and why?

texting ;)

On average, how many hours a day do you spend in meetings?

Not much thankfully…only a couple of hours a week. We really don’t emphasize meetings much.

When, where and what do you typically eat for lunch?

My favorite question! Whenever I am hungry and prettymuch anywhere from Maple Grove to Minneapolis.  I like not knowing where to eat until I get in the car, it’s an element of surprise.

How many hrs/week and do you work in the evenings and/or weekends?

I feel like I’m always working, but at least 7am – 6pm daily fully on and some random other times.  I’ve focused on nailing down my own work-life balance for the sake of family.

What is the best advice you ever received, accepted, and applied?

“Buy your customers and borrow their influence.” – my takeaway was this: for initial customers before you have a proven business model or are the best in the world – do what it takes to win them over and then use them to get to other/new customers. Our growth has been almost 100% organic based on this philosophy.


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