Minneapolis Fed President Kashkari On Bitcoin: ‘No Credible Threat’




“Despite the competition heating up within the burgeoning digital currency world, none of the products represent a viable threat to the U.S. dollar, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said Tuesday.

Cryptocurrencies have been experiencing a huge boom over the past year, with the rolls of those coins with more than $1 billion market value exploding from less than 10 just a few months ago to 44 and counting.”

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  • http://thebigidea.com/ TheLittleDuke

    Credible threat to whom? Not the USD as the worlds reserve currency agreed, not any time soon. Bitcoin was just the first blockchain proof of concept. It represents all manner of ‘credible threat’ to MOST of the legacy Wall Street apparatus from issuance (aka the ICO boom) to backend settlement, registries and transfer agents.