Broadband Group Wants Another $35 Million In Corporate Welfare



By Jessie Van, Berkel Star Tribune

“Minnesota spent tens of millions of dollars expanding high-speed broadband internet in recent years, but nearly $1.4 billion in public and private investment is still needed to get access to all households, according to a state task force report.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    “This is a solvable problem for Minnesotans, and it gets us to more success for people.” = Framing 101.

    + It’s not everyone’s “problem” as in “Minnesotans” at large, rather it may be a “problem” for the select few who have consciously chosen to reside in a physical environment that comes with obvious trade-offs:

    + And it’s not everyone’s “success” as in “us” and all “people” in Minnesota… instead, it’s the transfer of money off the backs of ALL to the private pockets of the FEW in industry:

    + This is what corporate welfare does and the guise in which does it: a framing of the “problem” as everyone’s concern and therefore everyone’s cost to bear. It’s really just an emotionally charged story made up by those who think it’s acceptable to take money from one person – or all people – without their consent and give that money give to a corporate middle man, ultimately for the “success” of those who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their own life choices.

    • Rich M

      Jeff, you should look into the link between the companies that are getting welfare benefits and those members of the MHTA which has become a political lobbying organization more than anything

      • Jeff Pesek

        Hi Rich thanks for the thought… MHTA isn’t known for their compliance with media requests when it involves anything outside their political agenda.

        Perhaps *you* (or another media org) should explore a link though if you think there’s something there, see what turns up, and report back with findings?

        The best thing we can do is bring transparency for the people to pursue their own conclusions.

        • TheLittleDuke

          “Sunshine is the best disinfectant”

          I bet we could extract a social graph…