Marketing Automation Startup Buzz Frenzy Is Off To A Strong Start


“We’re facing that illustrious hockey stick sort of growth,” says lifelong entrepreneur Dan Stocke.

After a year of testing his assumptions in the market, Stocke realized he was on to something and since partnered up with peer Duluthian Elissa Hansen to breath life into Buzz Frenzy.

The venture began as many do — a homegrown solution to a personal pain point; in this case, it was Stocke’s wife, a fitness instructor and studio owner, seeking  input on the marketing side of things to get what every small business owner needs: customers, and more of them.

“Across all my business experiences, I’m always thinking about how to be more systematic, more efficient, how to do more with less,” Stocke continues in describing the chain of pursuits that led to his first technology startup.

With a focus on the Facebook social marketplace, Stocke strung together a minimum viable product in early 2015 that was designed for her situation, but with an eye towards replication for others in need.  In the simple sense, it’s a targeting technology that automates marketing campaigns for small and medium sized businesses using Facebook.

“Everyone knows what hashtags are and so we decided to build off that commonly accepted understanding for publishers and promoters who want to build their brand using the largest social network alive.”

“A Bee, as we call it, consists of four things,” explains partner Elissa Hansen. “This includes a Facebook URL, their custom hashtag, their business category, and geography.”


From there, Buzz Frenzy has all the targeting mapped out for over 150 business categories that a given promo post can be channeled into for broadcasting. For example, the ad could be automatically placed within a 20 mile radius of the businesses storefront, or any defined geographic fence for that matter.

“There’s a lot of flexibility for the owner in terms of their hashtag, their ad wording, their business categories and geography because we really wanted to make it as seamless as possible for busy business owners to take charge of their Facebook marketing,” says Hansen.

And although it’s a paid placement and that is noted, they say, the targeted advertisement blends right in with a typical post.

They realized they were on to something when they took the idea beyond their own application and introduced it to other early adopters around the state and beyond.  Over the past year — from true launch to present — they’ve acquired over one hundred customers paying between $50 – $500/month, with a 70% plus retention rate.

“Our customers are intrigued enough by the opportunity to give it a go in the first place and the analytics speak for themselves when it comes to demonstrating results,” Stocke asserts.

“It’s time to start broadening our reach, and keep doing more with less, though we’re going to take this as far as possible before thinking about raising any money.”


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