Minneapolis’ Reemo Health Grows Quietly Under New CEO Valiton



Reemo Health, readers may originally remember as Playtabase from 2012, is still going at it.

And as their second CEO Al Baker quietly stepped down last year, CRO John Valiton  then stepped up to lead the team of 27 today, which puts on a new level insofar as size goes.  Here’s what Valiton has to say:

When and why did you become the CEO of Reemo? Is former CEO Al Baker still involved with the company?

In May 2017 Al Baker stepped down from the role of CEO, and I was promoted to CEO. Al was an active brand evangelist through his role on Reemo’s advisory board until recently joining a new venture. He is no longer involved with the company.

What is Reemo’s current product(s) and value proposition to whom?

Reemo Health is a remote mobile health platform that connects live personal health data with support networks to improve health and wellness outcomes. Using the Reemo Health Smartwatch strengthens the connection between wearers and support networks, while helping improve experiences and health outcomes. From remote monitoring to key risk indicators and wellness reporting, Reemo elevates a personalized approach to health through proactive adjustments and earlier intervention. Wearing Reemo increases health engagement, offering peace of mind to wearers wherever they go.

Reemo uses Samsung Gear smartwatches and Samsung SDS EMM mobile technologies as the basis of our smartwatch solution.

Reemo’s software tracks users’ personalized health data and sends the information to the Reemo platform, which translates the data into actionable insights using technology from leading analytics company Teradata. We also recently integrated with leading security provider ADT’s professional monitoring services to connect seniors with specially-trained ADT agents through a live, two-way voice assistant accessed by a simple tap on the watch. When ADT operators answer a call, they also receive the wearer’s name, GPS location, and other vital stats to improve efficiency and personalize help.

There are a multitude of uses for Reemo. Here are a few examples of markets we serve and the benefits available to each:
Senior Living (Active Aging in Place, Home Health, Health & Safety);  Senior Care (Active Aging in Place, Home Care, Independent and Assisted Living); Healthcare (Home Health, Telemedicine, Prehab, Rehab, Chronic Disease Management)

How is the product currently being received in the market?

We have been experiencing high demand, and will be announcing several new customer announcements, and our growth numbers and projections in the coming months. We’ll be rolling out the solution to individual users this quarter and are working with ADT on further integrations that will be announced in early Q2. We are focused on our current offering and ADT integration which brings a premium PERS experience to market with Live Concierge Help, and are excited about the peace of mind and safety that will bring to people’s lives now.

As we look toward the future of the solution, we measure success through the amount of seniors we see consistently utilizing the platform to improve their aging experience, whether that be in assisted living or in their own home, and will be measuring the impact to improve health and wellness outcomes through a number of healthcare trials this year.

How many paying customers are there? Any by name?

No comment.

What is the significance of the “expanded offering” with ADT, Samsung and Teradata?

Through this expanded partnership, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution to seniors, their families and caregivers to support day-to-day health and safety. As we track key health stats, this allows us to deliver valuable health and wellness information to families and professional caregivers to increase proactive care and provide a scalable solution for all parties.

How much outside capital has the company previously raised?

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve raised approx $2,000,000 from investors such as Jumpstart Foundry and Microsoft Accelerator.

What’s next for Reemo this year?

We have a lot of exciting healthcare and facility partnerships in the pipeline for 2018. We feel confident this new wearable solution will help people nationwide, and we look forward to expanding our relationships with seniors, caregivers, and healthcare providers who have touchpoints with our audience on a daily basis. We have a number of announcements related to this coming in the next few months.