Minnedemo 28 Presenters Announced



Seven startups, seven minutes each — that’s the formula for Minnesota’s longest standing and largest attended demo event.

On Thursday, February 8th, hundreds from the local tech community will gather at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis for Minnedemo #28 produced by Minnestar.

Here’s the A-Z lineup for what will be yet another sold-out show:

Flyover Country: Mobile app helping you discover the Earth from 30,000 feet up
Kwikly: Kwikly is shifting the dental temping industry with its connective technology platform
Rental Researcher: Leveraging Minneapolis Open Data to help renters in their housing search as well as give visibility to a landlord’s properties and incident history
SafeSpace: Crowd sourcing safety with the SafeSpace app
SportsEngine: SportsEngine.com is a youth sports marketplace that makes it easier than ever to get kids into sports
Thrivors: Empowering cancer survivors to live longer, healthier lives
UR Turn: The Google maps of education road mapping and progress tracking for middle school and high school students (and their families)