Minnesota’s Sports Tech Scene is Heating Up



By Burl Gilyard, Twin Cities Business

Tyrre Burks attended Winona State University, was an outstanding football player and went on to play pro football in Canada. But he was plagued with injuries throughout his playing years and, at just 24, had to hang up his cleats for good and move back to his hometown of Chicago.”

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  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Nice thesis – but why so limited in companies and data? There’s 30+ MN SportsTech companies here…

    “The four that are the most promising right now are Player’s Health, Starting 11, MatBoss and Team Genius.”

    …according to who and based on what?

    • http://thebigidea.com/ TheLittleDuke

      “All news is sponsored. Follow the money.”

      I’m going to use this opportunity to make a shout to our good friends at the MN|CUP with an appeal to create a separate Sports Tech category and revamp the criteria for the High Tech category so that ACTUAL high tech companies like Chromatic 3D compete there instead of having to try and dazzle the General Category…

      • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

        “All news is sponsored. Follow the money.” = I’m not sure what that means here David…is this article sponsored content or pay to pub?

        What really is the goal of randomly claiming that a given group of something is “THE MOST ______” without any supporting data / measurements in comparison to the rest of the them? Isn’t that what it means to be THE MOST ______ ?

        This is a great set of companies profiled and we cross posted + shared it for a reason! But it could just as easily be a completely different subset picked and labeled “THE MOST ____”. And when there’s no basis to being “THE MOST ______” it defeats the purpose of being considered “THE MOST______” doesn’t it?

        Such empty claims brings us back to Hitchins Razor once again …’what can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” – https://tech.mn/news/2017/11/30/meta-hitchenss-razor-is-it-true-prove-it/

        I really don’t understand why the author/publisher would say such arbitrary things? Is this that ‘thought leadership’ everyone talks about, where you just make stuff up and hope no one questions it or what am I missing here?