Clay Collins Shows Off Nomics, And It’s Not What It Looks Like


If cryptocurrencies are here to stay, then fintech startup Nomics is placing a huge bet on the needs of the biggest players in the market.

Repeat entrepreneur Clay Collins touched on his forthcoming venture last fall after leaving LeadPages, and is now unveiling a glimpse the at site while elaborating on the business model.

Spoiler: it’s not what it looks like.

When visiting Nomics, self-described as ‘The Internet’s home for cryptocurrencies’, you’ll instantly see all sorts of pretty charts and graphs moving around every couple seconds:


This is all pulled together from the APIs of 30+ cryptocurrency exchanges using their data on freshly executed trades that converge into Nomics’ PostgreSQL database, using Go and Ruby on Rails, with JavaScript React on the surface.

While this looks great and may be presenting relevant pricing on some 340+ unique crypto’s in one place, there’s really nothing groundbreaking here for those already accustomed to browsing various sites/services to get their market updates.  But that’s by design, according to Collins, who says  “The front end you see is really just an advertisement for our own proprietary API….which is actually the product in development and how we intend to monetize Nomics in the B2B sense.”

“There’s a lot more coming and it’s eventually going to be tens of thousands of pages deep…we’re indexing the entire cryptosphere,” he says with a smile. While that’s incredibly ambitious, it’s worth asking: why?

In his own words, Collins describes a marketplace that he is both personally invested in as well as willing to bet his business savvy on.

“For professional investors,” he says, “Like hedge funds, institutions, VCs, Family Offices, etc.  – we’re going to offer historical data that goes to the beginning, complete with SLA grade support and uptime guarantees . There’s plenty of other places to get what you’ll see on surface of Nomics, but as far as that deep, consistent data, the marketplace is surprisingly horrific.”

This data as a service product approach intends to archive, aggregate and analyze all (both on and off blockchain) cryptocurrencies at an enterprise scale — and cost.   The making of an industrial grade API around such a nascent and volatile space could prove to actually become the source, that is provided there is demand for such creation were it to exist.

“It’s waiting list only right now,” Collins says. “I believe in shipping early and often, this is just 1/17th of it.”

While many of those participating in or observing the cryptocurrency market may be lacking an educated understanding of what’s driving prices one way or the other, it’s important to note that infrastructure plays —  as Nomics intends to be — are ultimately indifferent on pricing (so long as there exists a market). In fact, some of them are making record revenues right now on just the volatility and transaction frequency, regardless of what direction bitcoin et al. are actually moving.


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  • Adam Sellke

    So… BigCharts for blockchain, I mean crypto? Or is this something more Bloomberg-y or trade-desk-y? I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’m trying to grok the gist of Nomic’s market prop. Thx.

    • Jeff Pesek

      Hi Adam, I’m not familiar enough with those models referenced to say one way or the other how Nomics would compare. Setting aside the ‘X for y’ analogies, in the simple sense: Nomics intends to offer fast/thorough/reliable data at a price that further the objectives of crypto investors. That’s the value proposition as far as I can tell, and one that has been proven out my many information services before it.

      Maybe Clay can chime in with more color on things…

      • Adam Sellke

        Got it. So maybe like Six ( Congrats, Clay. Share what you can here. Otherwise, let’s catch up as I’m curious to learn more.

    • Clay Collins

      Hi Adam. It can be difficult to compare to Bloomberg or BigCharts. The paid component of our offering won’t have a front-end. It will just be an API. Our users will be developers/engineers. We’ll have a lot more to say about value prop after we’ve released the product. Stay tuned.

  • TheLittleDuke

    Where’s the love for 2GIVE ? :-)


    Just kidding, mad gratz to Clay and team! Welcome to the cryptosphere everyone!

    • Clay Collins

      Thanks, David! It’s great to have the first installment of our MVP out. So much further to go, as with everything else in this space.