VC Backed RedBrick Health Strikes A Deal With The City Of Minneapolis



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The City of Minneapolis is partnering with Medica and RedBrick Health to bring innovative well-being solutions to its employees.”

With the My Health Rewards by Medica® program, City employees access an integrated solution that brings together existing benefits and the RedBrick health-engagement platform and well-being hub.

“The City of Minneapolis is very innovative in its approach to helping its employees be healthier,” said Paul Crowley, senior vice president and general manager, Commercial Markets, Medica. “Leveraging our long-standing partnership with RedBrick Health has allowed the City to take its program to the next level. By bringing everything together, we can provide the integrated tools and support that the City’s employees are looking for.”

My Health Rewards by Medica® launched an enhanced web and mobile experience in January that seamlessly integrates City of Minneapolis programs and classes, Medica care management programs and RedBrick’s wide array of digital and live solutions, including RedBrick Compass®, RedBrick Journeys® and RedBrick’s Next-Steps Consult® health navigation service, into a single engagement hub. The digital experience highlights the topics that are most important to the City and to each individual. In addition, it effectively brings together all aspects of well-being, including physical, emotional and financial.

Additionally, the City piloted a unique Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) with RedBrick, focused on improving engagement and health of prediabetics. RedBrick’s DPP solution combines live group coaching with its digital services and those of its healthy-cooking partner, Monj, to build rich and sustainable health, exercise and cooking habits for pre-diabetics. The two-year cohort participants have already shown meaningful improvements in weight-loss and activity levels, and healthier habits overall.

“We were thrilled to enhance the already comprehensive My Health Rewards, powered by RedBrick, with the on-site Diabetes Prevention Program. RedBrick DPP participant surveys showed 100% satisfaction and progress toward goals. Results are very important to us, and Medica and RedBrick help us achieve those results,” said Amy Friedman, HR Senior Consultant, City of Minneapolis. “Our employees have a broad base of needs. Medica and RedBrick give us the ability to meet people where they are. This enables our workforce to succeed. We are looking forward to the next phase of our partnership.”