Edutech Startup Extempore Picks Up $400k Angel Funding



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“Saint Paul company Deeloh Technologies, LLC [Extempore], just announced the closing of a $400k fundraising round, led by Minneapolis’ The Syndicate Fund and local investors.

Founded in 2015, Deeloh Technologies develops and markets Extempore, the Speaking Practice App, a software platform used by foreign language teachers in the US and abroad to assign speaking activities to their students.”

Extempore is used by K-12 schools and Universities, including big-hitters such as Harvard and Temple University.

“We have a proven, well liked product and now is the time to pour fuel on the fire” says Carlos Seoane, co-founder and CEO, “We have just seen a 100% renewal rate for the spring semester, which validates not only the concept, but also the attachment that our users feel for the service”.

Extempore plans to use the funds to increase their marketing and sales efforts, as well as to accelerate development of the platform, incorporating feedback from users.

“We have a state-of- the-art product, using the latest technologies, and we are ready to disrupt an industry that still relies on clunky, on-premise, language labs” says Stephen Fluin, technical co-founder “our cloud-based system allows schools to save money, space and time, tailoring their teaching to their students’ needs, in class or online, without anything to install or maintain.”

About Extempore
Learning a language requires speaking it. That is how the human brain is wired to learn. In school, however, 1:1 regular speaking practice with a foreign language instructor is impractical: if a Spanish teacher wanted to spend 10 minutes talking to every student in a class of 30, she would consume over 6 hours of class, leaving no time for other instructional activities.

The result of this impracticality is that instructors tend to rely heavily on written activities, which explains the poor oral proficiency of most people who have taken a foreign language class in school or college. This problem is particularly serious with English learners, for whom learning to speak is not a luxury – it’s a must to be productive members of society.

Extempore solves this problem by allowing classes to practice asynchronously: the instructor creates an activity on the web and students respond on their smart device or computer. The instructor then grades and provides feedback, also on their computer or device, on their own time. Use of Extempore dramatically increases how much students speak in class, saving instructional time for other activities and accelerating the learning process. Unlike other apps like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone, Extempore doesn’t attempt to replace the essential teacher, rather, it enables her to do her job more effectively.


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