St. Louis Park Startup HabitAware Raises $160k For Wearable Healthtech


Minnesota tech startup HabitAware has recently raised $160k of investment capital in the form of a SAFE note.

Keen by HabitAware is a wearable hardware device that pairs with software, together designed to “retrain the brain.” It’s used by those suffering from nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling and other subconscious behaviors and it works by tracking movements and sending signals back and forth. The bracelet style product starts at $149, as their website shows:

HabitAware was first birthed back in 2014 as the winners of that years’ IoT Hackday; while the team, name, and technology has evolved since, what started as a simple project is growing up into an actual business. They made into HAX Hardware Accelerator in China and then went on to raise ~$500k last January (also SAFE).

“This month is our one-year anniversary of shipping the first Keen units. It’s been an amazing start to our journey, helping thousands of people take control over destructive body-focused repetitive behaviors and raising awareness for mental health. We welcome Backstage Capital as an investor and are excited to be a Headliner portfolio company. The team has grown to 8 people strong, and we have a lot more in store for 2018!” – HabitAware cofounder and CEO Sameer Kumar.


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