[VIDEO] Gener8tor’s gBETA LiveBETA Spring Startup Pitches



For the seven weeks leading up to gener8tor’s LiveBETA event, gBETA’s cohort of tech entrepreneurs have been prepping for a five-minute pitch in front of a captive audience of investors, entrepreneurs and community members, as captured below:

Take 12’s crowdfunding service allows friends and family to relieve the financial stress of unpaid maternity leave for working mothers by giving financial gifts in lieu of a traditional baby registry. Take 12 also offers working moms planning resources and community support. In its first year, Take 12 helped 493 mothers navigate their maternity leave experience and helped raise $10,654.00 in financial gifts for new moms.

Y Translator translates titles, descriptions, tags, and subtitles of YouTube videos in up to 12 languages. 70% of YouTube viewers don’t speak English, and content creators are missing out on opportunities to triple their influence and revenue. Y Translator closed 12 paid translations within the first 3 weeks of launching.

MANBOAT (Virtue Analytics Company) increases Net Tuition Revenue & Student Success by optimizing admission & scholarship decisions. MANBOAT provides individualized student recommendations end-to-end from Inquiry to Graduation using patent pending machine learning algorithms. MANBOAT has procured two commissions totaling 62.5K ARR in the last 30 days with expectations to reach 300K ARR by the end of 2018.

Studioso modernizes music education by connecting students to teachers through their mobile app. Studioso serves both private and institutional music educators and works for all instruments. Studioso’s beta has over 70 institutional pre-orders, and 3 beta testing partners.

WorkOutLoud hosts online communities connecting Enterprise companies and Higher Education Institutions to their customers. WorkOutLoud enables community-wide collaboration, resulting in an improved customer experience. WorkOutLoud has a lifetime revenue of $474K over the last 26 months with 31% growth from 2016 to 2017.

Spooky Action (non MN-based) builds UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that fly forever. Using a proprietary ground-to-air tethered power system, Spooky Action specializes in custom aerial intelligence solutions for applications where drones are too underpowered and helicopters are too cumbersome. Spooky Action’s UAVs were field tested while providing air support to anti-poaching teams in South Africa.

enVerde (cleantech) repurposes carbon-containing waste into clean, sustainable energy and chemicals. Municipalities, commercial, and industrial organizations significantly reduce their waste streams and create clean fuels/heat they can use locally and immediately. enVerde’s patented gasification technology, built by a team with over 180 years of cleantech experience, is based on intellectual property from the University of Minnesota.