From A Box Of Radio Parts, To $2.3B Annual Revenue



By John Reinan, Star Tribune

“THIEF RIVER FALLS, MINN. — If you were going to pick a spot to locate a worldwide shipping company, this wouldn’t be it.  An hour from the nearest interstate highway, with an airport terminal that’s smaller than the local curling club, Thief River Falls is a place where the recent arrival of a Tractor Supply store was big news.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    Digi-key is interesting on a number of levels. “Founder remains sole owner … And it’s all owned by one man.”

    How does someone scale their company over that many years to that size and scope without extending ANY ownership interests to anyone else involved along the way? Executive management, BOD, lifelong employees, etc…could it be the author means to say it’s 100% controlled by one person?