IoT Startup Anser Innovation Attracts More Investment For New Product Line

Burnsville IoT startup Anser Innovation, known for flagship product PetChatz, is attracting more investment capital for a new line.

The latest infusion builds off a previously closed $500k, now at $1.3m of $3m, in pursuit of a medication management system targeting the elder care population as well as opiate use disorder.

Ōmcare, as the new product is branded, is a “Home eHealth Hub and Audiovisual Medication Management system that promises visual confirmation of ‘the right pill at the right time’ for true medication adherence.”

Anser Innovation was founded in 2011 by CEO Lisa Lavin and has raised just over $6.5M to date. The company recently restructured its business units and is now a holding company with two wholly owned subsidiaries, PetChatz and Ōmcare, now separated.
Lavin says PetChatz is focused on growth right now while Omcare is nearing completion of Phase 2 (prototype) development, on track to commercialize in Q1 2019. Combined, the parent company counts 8 full time employees.

Anser is among a small grouping Minnesota technology companies targeting the senior care space, as well as larger one involving pharmaceuticals.