[PODCAST] Startup Sales Growth with Mickeli Bedore, BeBG [2]



Mickeli Bedore & the Bedore Business Group are said to have recruited and built some of the most profitable sales teams in technology. In this 4 part podcast series, he interviews local experts in the areas of:

1. How to get those first meetings when no one knows you
2. How to turn those meetings into loyal, paying customers
3. How to build a sales team to execute this process
4. How to keep that team motivated & inspired through the ebb & flow of a startup environment

You are listening to Episode #2 – How to turn those meetings into loyal, paying customers.

In this episode you will learn from two of tech’s best closers, Lindsey McCracken (IBM)  and Jason Mitzo (FISION) as they share their strategies on qualifying the no, advancing the deal, removing roadblocks, asking the right deal advancement questions and more.

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