IoT Fuse Lights Up Minneapolis


Minneapolis’ annual IoT Fuse Conference continues to grow in its fourth year.

IoT Fuse is on a perennial tear by consistently bringing together more people for more networking and knowledge year over year.

Hosted this time last week at the Minneapolis Convention Center, tickets sales topped 1,200 registrations — setting a new record as the interconnectedness of all these things becomes further understood and commercially viable.

“The technology is real and it’s here,” says event director Patrick Delaney, who is joined by peer directors Justin Grammens and Daniel Feldman in bringing the ever expanding experience to life.

“More and more companies are finding their IoT business case and that’s reflected in IoT Fuse content and attendance. The deep mix of hardware, software, and data topics are rare blend for tech conferences these days,” Delaney says.

The biggest change for ’18 was the decision to jump from one day to three days by tacking two days of workshops to the front end.   Overall, there were 58 different speakers at the conference, bringing the big and small from all across the country to converge here in Minneapolis; add in another 30-odd workshop sessions and there’s no way that any one person could even absorb it all.

Minnesota itself is home to some 50+ active IoT companies, and looking forward, IoT Fuse will maintain monthly meetups with a hackathon coming this fall.