[PIN] Thank You Sponsor: Tarmac

by The TECHdotMN Team


It is important we recognize those who sponsor TECHdotMN because their financial reinvestment advances Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank you Tarmac for reinvesting!

What does Tarmac do?

Design (UI/UX) + Software Development + DevOps

Tarmac is a custom software development company that designs, builds, scales, and maintains web and mobile apps on AWS. As of today, we have over 80 employees and offices in four different countries; they are: Argentina, Macedonia, United States and Uruguay.

When & how did Tarmac start?

Tarmac started a little over six years ago. Since inception, we have served over 50 clients with the vast majority of those being in good ole’ Minnesota.

The idea for Tarmac came from prior software development experiences with teams in different timezones. Our Founder had previously worked with offshore groups and found it difficult to practice true agile development without having a team that worked concurrently. That spurred a study that looked at every country in Central and South America. The study consisted of 31 different categories and the results were weighted based on importance. The data of the study led us to Uruguay.

What is unique about the company?

We aren’t unique; we are principled. It’s pretty straightforward. Senior Developers that work at the same time as our clients while relying on proven software development processes (agile, GitFlow, peer review and TDD). This lays the foundation to do things that we love like Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

It’s the epicenter of tech in the Twin Cities / Minnesota. We like nothing more than supporting causes that are true catalysts to the tech community.

How Minnesota’s tech industry could improve from your perspective?

Openness towards software development partners in different countries. We are in a global race to develop IP and should consider all options out there to win.