TECHdotMN, 26 Letters, and Structural Introduce A Diversity and Inclusion Study Of Minnesota Tech

by The TECHdotMN Team


We’re teaming together with 26 Letters and Structural to research and assess diversity and inclusion (D&I).

This shared pursuit represents a first of its kind scientific approach to holistically and objectively understanding the D&I environment among Minnesota’s technology industry at large.  Some key questions we are seeking to answer include:

  • How diverse and inclusive is Minnesota’s technology industry?
  • Can it be measured, bench marked and tracked going forward?
  • If compared and contrasted, could this research accelerate change?
  • Is there a correlation between tech company success and their internal D&I?

The scope of study includes up to 1,500 active Minnesota-based technology companies as drawn from the database.  Our working definitions are:

  • Diversity: the number and percentages of different demographics and backgrounds represented at the company.
  • Inclusion: employee perception is that of which people feel comfortable and welcome within their workspace with clear pathways to professional and career development.

Together, we are now refining the launch of this research project at scale across the spectrum of Minnesota Tech and publicly announce the initiative today with the intention of transparency and feedback.  This is a large undertaking with worthy ideals and we have the goal of a v1 report published by the end of 2018.

Anyone interested in contributing can leave a comment or email