Gravie Raises Millions More & Approaches ~$50m In Total VC

Minnesota Healthtech insurance startup Gravie has raised another $3.4m, per SEC disclosure.

Gravie was started in 2013 by Abir Sen, Jill Prevost, and Marek Ciolko to “reinvent health benefits, making them easier and more affordable for employers and employees.”

Gravie has its ups and downs since forming, yet continues to attract investment capital. Raising investment doesn’t always equate to success, especially in more mature mature companies which may be supported by previous founder wins as all three have previously.

CEO Abir Sen has declined to comment on any specifics surrounding the companies traction over the recent term, though LinkedIn does suggest that employment growth is there, but this can be cyclical based upon seasonal hiring during ‘open enrollment’ periods:

The venure had the fourth largest recorded funding round last year of ~$14m, and in total is at around ~$47 million in total VC funding from GE Ventures, Split Rock Partners, Aberdare Ventures, Brightstone Venture Capital, FirstMark Capital and St. Paul-based Securian strategic corporate investor.  Gravie is ranked among Minnesota’s top 10 most funded right now.