Know This Nerd? Meet Tenzin Chosang


Tenzin Chosang is Software Development Student at Prime Digital Academy and an aspiring game developer.

He is among hundreds of local freelancers for hire.

What initially sparked your interest in technology?

Initially it was from playing video games as a kid. The idea that someone could create a virtual story and allow others to dive into that world seemed so mind-blowing as a young teen.

While programming wasn’t something I expected it did lead me into building my first PC and studying more about hardware parts and maximize my performance. This lead me to forums and groups dedicated to similar hobbies who were also developers and created amazings maps for private servers on games like CounterStrike.

What was the first programming language you learned?

My first programming language, oddly enough, was SQL just doing basic queries for work. As far as being able to program more impressively, I would say Javascript is my first language that I feel comfortable in.

What do you do now?

I’m currently enrolled at Prime Digital Academy as a student in software development using primarily Javascript. My current group and I are working on a project building a website for a local client for their students to use and give personal feedback on course curriculum while staying anonymous to their fellow classmates.

How did you develop the skillsets to get to where you are today?

As a current student I’m going to take this question a little differently. I graduated St. Olaf College class of 2015 with an Economics degree. I worked a couple years and found myself in a position, complacent in an industry I didn’t want to be in with mainly soft skills and some limited technical skills but I needed a change without committing another 2-4 years of my life to college again. I looked into local bootcamps and found Primes friendly environment and close network really exciting.

What tools do you use on a daily basis?

I use postman and postico quite a bit. Also thank goodness for Material-UI, googles material design for React, that single handedly made my apps look so much better. I’ve recently switched IDE’s from Atom to Visual Studio Code and I think the auto save feature and internal debugger made my life so much easier in case anyone hasn’t tried VS yet.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Again, i’m going to take this a bit differently. I’ve been self-teaching and going to prime for about a year now so I feel like i’m getting the hang of it but still being so green everything still amazes me. That’s also another reason why I love programming, there’s just so much to learn and everything’s continuously changing that requires you to stay hungry and keep learning instead of being complacent with how much you know.

What is your biggest programming pet peeve?

A lot of my pet peeves seemed to be remedied with the ES6 update. One of the coolest things i’ve seen and used recently was the arrow function allowing you to bind the value of “this” for handle events in React instead of writing another line of code for every class method. It may not be the biggest thing but in my limited scope i’m loving this new found ability right now.

Any advice for people considering a career in programming?

If you truly enjoy it, just do it.

Where do you think technology will be as it relates to you in five years?

One of the coolest things i’ve seen are the augmented reality apps. There’s just such open scope of what’s available for creation with enough creativity. It’s definitely something I would love to explore more continuing the next five years.

What was the coolest, but most useless bit of programming you’ve seen lately?

One of the coolest websites i’ve seen is, it’s an app that shows real time flight information on a map. I have absolutely no use for it but I still frequent the website far too often.

What are some things you’re into outside of tech?

When i’m not on my computer you’ll usually find me doing something Rugby related, whether it’s watching, playing, or talking about it. Go EXILES!