Voxel VR Parlour Is Opening A Second Minnesota Location In Minnetonka



Via News Release

“Minnetonka, MN – June 5th – Voxel Virtual Reality Parlour, Minnesota’s first Virtual Reality Arcade, announces its second location opening on June 16th in Minnetonka. Voxel is growing from its original location, a St. Paul storefront; its new location will offer the same high-end, curated virtual reality experience to groups and individuals looking to explore all that VR has to offer.”

Headed by three Minnesota locals, Voxel continues to host large team events, group and individual entertainment, birthday parties, Mobile VR at special off-site events, as well as offer consulting and development services for companies looking to leverage VR in training, marketing, or service. Voxel’s Minnetonka location is opening at 12979 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, MN
55305 on Saturday, June 16th.”

Set in the heart of Minnetonka at the Ridge Square North shopping complex, just west of Ridgedale Mall, Voxel’s second location boasts six virtual reality bays that offer captivating and immersive environments for guests to experience using cutting edge technology. With nearly 30 different experiences – from ultra-realistic environments to puzzles and games to surreal experiences you can’t have in real life – Voxel has become a popular venue that makes virtual reality very accessible to a wide variety of guests, tech savvy or not. Voxel continues to offer a fun, mesmerizing group experience where attendees can watch and listen as their peers and colleagues delve into the vast array of scenarios offered.

“The most satisfying part of all of this is that we get to take this incredible new and, for some, intimidating technology and make it really accessible for everyone” says Jeff Trinh-Sy, CEO of Voxel. “From folks who don’t want to spend the money or hassle on a high end VR setup to folks in business who know they want to stay on the cutting edge but don’t know how, now they can just visit us and see what it’s all about. That moment when they put on the headset and realize that VR is revolutionary and mind blowing, that’s something everyone can appreciate.”

Voxel is committed to evolving with the emerging virtual reality technology by supporting developers in creating content, making VR accessible to a broad range of people, and ensuring that a wide audience is able to experience VR in its absolute best form.

More information can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/voxelvrp or at their website www.voxelvrp.com

About Voxel: Voxel Virtual Reality Parlour is a subdivision of Blue River Technologies LLC, which was formed in 2016. This Minneapolis-based company develops hardware and software solutions providing immersive and captivating experiences that bring people together.