[STUDY] Innovation Vs. Traction In Minnesota Tech

by The TECHdotMN Team

In a new anecdotal study based on thousands of interviews and press releases over the years, we have observed the following correlations around usage of the word “innovation” (inc. variants “innovate” “innovator” “innovating”) as it relates to a company’s actual success in the market aka “traction”:


And to further understand usage by category:


  • Frank Jaskulke

    Hey guys – are the graphs based on actual data or are they representative images based on your observations?

    I’m curious because the bar chart shows a perfect correlation between the two which seems unlikely. For example, Medtronic uses the word innovation often and they have traction to the tune of nearly $30 billion/year.

    Or maybe i’m misunderstanding?

  • http://about.me/chuckumentary Chuckumentary

    Ironically, I have a VR/AR company and we rarely say “innovation.” The word has become, how do you say, diluted.

    • han solo