Minnesota Tech Startup OppSource Closes $1m Investment To Hire


St. Paul headquartered sales software startup OppSource has closed on $1m in convertible debt with room for more says cofounder and CEO Mark Galloway.

OppSource was founded back in ’08 originally as an outsources sales service scompany but it wasn’t until 2016 they embarked on the ambitious goal of transforming that model into a pure play software that came full circle last year.

Since then, OppSource has been growing customers, revenue, staff — and investment.  Galloway says the company today counts 14 people with plans to hire another 4-6 more within the next 90 days to accelerate product development, hence this bridge round.

“We’ve recently partnered with a number of large customers, including local tech firm Arcserve and startup Structural,” Galloway reveals.

“Sales teams are constantly challenged with their sales coverage models and the market indications reveal to us that this space is in high demand right now which bodes well for our future growth, especially with our machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.”

OppSource has previously raised $1.8m from a variety of investors that range from hyperactive angel Daren Cotter to Bozeman, Montana’s Next Frontier Capital.

“Stay tuned for a big partnership announcement soon,” Galloway teases.