How Corporations Have Helped Minnesota’s Startup Community Grow


By Chip Pearson, via VentureBeat

“If you grew up in Minnesota, you probably know someone who works for Best Buy, Xcel Energy, UnitedHealth Group, 3M, or any number of local Fortune 500 companies. And if you don’t know anyone, there’s still no escaping the news coverage. For many years, Minnesota has ranked second in the country for Fortune 500 companies per capita, and much of the local media coverage deals with Minnesota corporations due to their significant economic impact locally and internationally”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    Startups are corporations too…it seems like the title is missing something like “big” “established” or “fortune 500” to better align with the thesis of the piece.

    The author says “First, corporations often have or keep gaps in their solutions that leave opportunities for startups to fill.” & “But the greatest thing that corporations can do to help startups is to pay for their products.”

    – Whether it’s products or services, it would be a stronger story if there were some examples provided since the prevailing attitude among entrepreneurs here seems to be quite the opposite.

    • nick

      no question hes overplaying things here but, why?