Microsoft Extends Education Push With Acquisition Of Flipgrid



Via News Release

“If you want to see what a movement looks like, search #FlipgridFever on Twitter, or walk into any classroom that’s using Flipgrid. The enthusiasm radiating from Flipgrid’s community is a reflection of how the product began – in the classroom.”

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  • Jeff Pesek

    2012: Flipgrid started inside the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab (LTML).

    2014: Spun out as an independent venture (originally called Vidku) cofounded/led by Charles Miller & Bradford Hosack

    2015: Jim Leslie was hired as a third cofounder and the CEO; Phil Soran joins the board and helps raise “$17m in 17 days,” including from local institutional investors Arthur Ventures and Brightstone Venture Capital.

    2016: Name changes to Flipgrid and the company pulls out of enterprise, goes all in on education