10 Questions With Flipgrid CEO Jim Leslie On The Microsoft Acquisition



Microsoft’s education division announced yesterday the acquisition of Minneapolis’ own edutech startup Flipgrid.

Charles Miller created Flipgrid with the help of Bradford Hosack inside the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab in 2012.

In 2015, Miller united with CEO Jim Leslie and director Phil Soran to spin Flipgrid out of the University (originally called Vidku).  Together, they achieved an unusually large and fast fundraise to the tune of “$17 million in 17 days,” as the story goes.

After some time in market, Flipgrid made a deliberate decision that would yield the type of traction necessary to reach meaningful scale: pulling out of the enterprise video market and returning to its classroom collaboration roots.

In the 12-24 months that followed, the fledgling venture matured from some 30k users to 20 million Pre-K – PhD educators, students and families spanning 180 countries around the world.  We asked Leslie 10 relevant questions regarding the Microsoft milestone: