Silicon North Stars Launches $15k Crowdfunder For MN Students Silicon Valley Field Trip



Silicon North Stars, a local nonprofit that exposes select Minnesota high school students to the industry of technology, has just introduced a $15k Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

It’s not the first, nor probably the last time this 501c3 turns to charity to address what is inherently a gap in the local business community; the aim is to send 16 students out west to see Silicon Valley firsthand:

“For the last 5 years, Silicon North Stars has brought 16 eighth-graders out to Silicon Valley for a one-week tech camp every summer. They tour major tech companies and learn the basics of entrepreneurship so that they can enter high school with a vision for what a career in technology might look like. Back at home in Minnesota, they attend regular meetups with technology companies and entrepreneurs for career coaching and mentoring.  Our highly-selective program finds amazing students who want to work in technology, but come from communities in which tech role models are hard to find. We help give them a vision for where they could end up, and the tools to get there.”

The cause is championed by dynamic duo Steve and Mary Grove who recently relocated to Minnesota to capitalize on opportunity.