[FIELD NOTES] MN Enterprise Mobile | Reusable Cross-Platform Plugins for Xamarin



The Minnesota Enterprise Mobile Meetup as filmed on June 21 at ILM Headquarters:

If you’ve done a moderate amount of Xamarin development, you have probably written some abstractions over platform-specific APIs. You may have also used Effects or Custom Renderers in Xamarin. Forms to achieve this – but what approaches are there for creating your reusable shared code that take advantage of native device capabilities without depending on Xamarin.Forms? In this session, we will explore various code-sharing strategies and architectures you can use to create plugins and walkthrough designing a simple example plugin from scratch, all the way down to creating NuGet packages. Presented by Alan Grgic Alan Grgic is a Xamarin certified developer with over ten years of experience in the various flavors of the .NET Framework and a passion for front-end optimization and design. When not writing software for work or for play, he can usually be found tending to his boardgame collection, playing his guitar, or enjoying a glass of whiskey.